Is Drake getting Too Big for The Industry?

Is Drake getting Too Big for The Industry?

Posted 6 years ago

If you look at the music industry over the last decade, an obvious trend of domination appears. A single man with the powers to engage people at large on the internet via shares, likes, and (of course) obvious violations of privacy. This man, obviously, is Drake.

Drake did not start out in the music industry. Born Aubrey Graham, he started his career in the spotlight as a fairly famous child star who had the capabilities to both rap and sing to some degree. Although he does not follow the industry cliché of dorm room creation, he did spend many nights in them as he tried to recreate himself from child star to world class rapper.

It did not take long before the man who would become the all-powerful Drake began to gain large groups of listeners and create generous numbers of sales. By utilizing the power held in one genre of the music industry, Drake expanded out and took over other niche sectors. After dominating rap, rhythm & blues, and pop, he entered the genres of grime and dancehall. Most recently he took a swing at the subgenre of bounce with his hit song “Nice for What.”

Despite the fact he is often hailed as a true North American success story, Drake poses a major issue to the music industry. His unrestrained and unrivaled market power has monopolized numerous sectors, cutting out any form of healthy competition. He has monopolized the attention of fans, overthrows all competitors without mercy, and fights for market share with other super stars without remorse. For these reasons, a thorough investigation into Drake’s enterprise is the only logical conclusion.

Here is a brief summary of the evidence supporting this seemingly outrageous statement of investigation:

Streaming sites and social media allow Drake to enter an unending cycle by which his popularity is continually magnified. Upon dropping a new song, people all over the world drop what they are doing to critique his work. This grants him a constant place on the trending lists of all major social networks.
His singles dominate all major music charts, including the infamous Billboards.

Drake places himself at the forefront of all hot tracks to claim them as his own – knocking out the original artist simply be featuring in their song.
He works with major celebrity names for the sole purpose of advancing himself – with no regards as to what his collaboration may mean for celebrities smaller than himself. This successfully quells any new artists who are on their own way to the top.

These examples are solid proof that Drake partakes in anti-competition behaviors which are illegal under the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. Unless he is successfully stopped on his mission to conquer the entire music industry, the world will never have the opportunity to find the next big thing. The internet has assured his reign at the top will have no identifiable end, thus crushing any new talent which may arise.

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