How Drake’s Fame Stopped A Mall in Its Tracks

How Drake’s Fame Stopped A Mall in Its Tracks

Posted 6 years ago

As people went about their normal business at the Lenox Shopping Mall in Atlanta, Georgia, Tuesday, they were met with quite a surprise. Amid a whole herd of security officers strode the infamous Drake. He was dressed in an Adidas jumpsuit, and roamed about the mall with some OVO members.

The surprising part was that Drake’s shopping mall appearance didn’t cause a massive stampede like The Beatle’s used to, or a total riot in general.

Not surprising was the fact that many people were stopped dead in their tracks when they noticed Drake among the crowd of bodyguards. They took videos and pictures. In fact, posts on Twitter stated employees at the mall’s stores were leaving their stations to get a glimpse of Drake for themselves.

Drake, who was born Aubrey Graham in 1986 in Canada, gained small notoriety before hitting the music scene through acting. He is best known pre-music for playing the part of a wheelchair-bound character on the show Degrassi. He has since moved from these humble beginnings to basically take over the music industry. He has worked in numerous genres, featured many hit artists, and has created a one-man empire that is worth millions – if not billions – of dollars.

While in Atlanta, the star did stop to take a few pictures with avid fans, but otherwise went about his business nonchalantly. However, this strange public appearance does have a few people wondering if there was some hidden motive involved.

Considering this is the industry-conquering, competition-squashing Drake we’re talking about here, the possibility is a large one that a motive beyond a “relaxing” day of shopping was involved. There are a few theories being thrown around by fans and industry experts alike.

Reping His New Adidas Deal?

Since Drake was seen to be wearing both shoes and a black jumpsuit by the brand, Adidas, some believe this was a strategy to rep the new deal he just landed with them. While most are unsure as to just what Drake’s new contract entails, it’s certain he is a trendsetter. Now that everyone has seen him in the brand’s gear, their sales are going to undoubtedly spike – even if temporarily.

Personal Promotional Hype?

Drake is well known for being a social media all-star. The way he can capture attention on social media with seemingly benign tactics is absolutely astonishing. Could his aim have been to get around social media all along? Is he trying to hype up fans for an unexpected song release? Album release? New concert tour? With Drake, who knows.


Or it could be nothing. Drake could have genuinely wanted to simply shop around at the Lenox Shopping Mall like a normal person would. The only issue with this seemingly believable theory is that it’s Drake we’re talking about. He’s a marketing genius, so it is very easy to believe there is a hidden motive behind every move he makes.

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