Max B Speaks Out Regarding Reduced Jail Sentence

Max B Speaks Out Regarding Reduced Jail Sentence

Posted 7 years ago

Max B Speaks Out Regarding Reduced Jail Sentence

Always “The Wavy One,” Max B, beloved rapper from Harlem, New York, has finally spoken out on the apparent reduction of his 75-year jail sentence for first degree murder.

Max B’s new legal team underwent a lengthy and arduous Post-Conviction Relief process, allowing the rapper to enter into a plea agreement for the charge of aggravated manslaughter.

“This proceeding was not a question of my guilt or innocence, but about the bad advice, poor judgement, and overall ineffectiveness of my trial attorney,” said Max B in a statement regarding the reduction.

If everything goes to plan, the reduction in the rapper’s sentence could mean that he could be free in the next two to seven years.

Max B, real name Charly Wingate, was found guilty in 9 of 11 counts of felony murger and conspiracy charges in the murder of David Taylor.

Taylor, then 29 years of age, was murdered “execution style” in the middle of a robbery-gone-wrong. The witness that cooperated in the case, Gina Conway, claimed that the robbery was planned and executed by Max B and the co-defendant.

“I love you all and Stay Wavy. Last, but certainly not least, my lovely and wonderful mother Mamaveli, I love you!”