G-Eazy Makes Waves in A Predominately Black Industry

G-Eazy Makes Waves in A Predominately Black Industry

Posted 6 years ago

Recent happenings show us that G-Eazy has no problem putting in the work necessary to get things done. Less than 18 months after his debut album in 2014, entitled These Things Happen, he released his most recent work, When It’s Dark Out. This was done after a full-length touring to promote the first, and the manufacturing and pre-release promotional processes for the second. When asked, G-Eazy stated he honestly had no idea how they made it happen so fast but assured the public he hadn’t taken any time off between.

The up-and-coming rapper saw moderate success with a mixtape entitled The Endless Summer, released in 2011. That success only grew with his follow-up mixtape in 2012 – a piece he called Must Be Nice. With steady progress, his primary album debuted on the Billboard charts at number three.

This rise to fame did not come easily and is highly credited to the strong work ethic of the rapper, whose real name is Gerald Gillum. His humble beginnings include being the project of a single mom is San Francisco, and a high school hip hop group who posted songs on the once popular Myspace.

A hallmark of G-Eazy’s music is to bridge gaps between a variety of genres, meshing them together to create a unique sound. An example includes his updated version of the 1961 hit song “Runaround Sue,” originally done by Dion, which already has over four million views on YouTube.

Although his unique music stylings are the biggest contributor to his success, G—Eazy has also began receiving some acclaim thanks to his looks. Many have begun to compare him to the 1950’s film idol, James Dean, and even more remark that he has a very sharp sense of style.

On his album, When It’s Dark Out, G-Eazy began moving away from the retro sound, stating that he believes it is important to transform, evolve, and move forward if you want to succeed in any creative pursuits, such as the music business.

Instead of retro mash-up, When It’s Dark Out is a very melodic hip-hop album. A popular song is done with fellow artist Rexha. The son, “Me, Myself, & I” prominently features hauntingly beautiful vocals with the rapper laying versus between.

G-Eazy has stated that music, to him, is therapeutic. It allows him to open up in a way which he doesn’t do even with his closest friends, and that helps him to move forward with his life. This kind of healing is one of the reasons G-Eazy believes music was always the right career path for him, and he enjoys sharing these vocal stories with his fans.

With When It’s Dark Out, the primary focus will be on the live show. The album was created to keep a progressive dynamic like a stage show, so that is the way he plans to play it – with playing most of the new album. G-Eazy states he will also include a few favorites from the last one in his lineups.

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