Lil Uzi Vert Confronts Rich the Kid in Philadelphia

Lil Uzi Vert Confronts Rich the Kid in Philadelphia

Posted 6 years ago

A lengthy feud has been going on between Lil Uzi Vert and Rich the Kid for most of this year.

The two were performing at The Roots Picnic in Philadelphia when videos were taken that show Lil Uzi riding up on Rich. The first of these shows the crews of each artist confronting each other on a street corner in Philadelphia. Words were thrown back and forth, but things remained relatively calm.

In a nearby Starbucks, however, things quickly got out of hand. Both Lil Uzi’s and Rich the Kid’s entourages confronted each other again, but this time it escalated into a physical altercation. A blow was thrown between the two rappers themselves, as seen in one video.

This feud has reached a surprisingly hostile climax now, and fans of hip-hop wonder where it will go next. But how did it get this far in the first place?

How the Feud Got to This Point

The whole feud began on January 12th of this year via Twitter. When Lil Uzi Vert publicly tweeted about some in-house issues he was having with DJ Drama (something which comes as no big surprise), when Rich the Kid responded to him directly.

Lil Uzi’s tweet mentioned that if anyone else was hoping for a career in the music industry they should sign with a major record label and not a rapper or DJ. The response tweet, meant to be a light tease, joked about how Uzi should have joined Rich the Kid’s music label when given the chance.

In no time, Uzi was taking to Twitter to fire back. His response stated that he wasn’t “signing for no 20racks.” The statement was followed by a bat emoji.

Two days later, on January 14th, the then-small disagreement was moved from Twitter to Instagram when Rich posted an indirect comment on a live story. The comment said that if “your boss and CEO ain’t treating you right,” that you should instead go sign to his label. While Uzi’s name was not mentioned, it was evident the comment was directed at him.

On February 9th, Rich the Kid publicly stated on a LA radio appearance he wouldn’t sign Uzi for personal reasons, even if he might have back when the offer was first made. Latter that month, Lil Uzi took a low blow by tagging Rich the Kid on his IG story as a crab he was holding. Rich shot back saying that the other was stealing his look and trying to emulate him.

Finally, a day after the crab-tagging incident, a small piece of an upcoming diss track was shared with Lil Uzi’s fans. While he is not mentioned by name, there are several different verses and individual lyrics which can be tied back to Rich the Kid. While perhaps not as public, we’re sure there were other small jabs taken back and forth for it to escalate to actual blows. As to where the feud is now heading, nobody is sure.


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