With Meek Mill Out of Jail, What’s Next on His List to Conquer?

With Meek Mill Out of Jail, What’s Next on His List to Conquer?

Posted 6 years ago

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Meek Mill told interviewers that he felt he had a lot of responsibility to others in his situation. After two sleepless days, Mill still couldn’t believe he was free when he sat for the interview. Many, however, are very glad that he is.

The Release

The craziest part of his release was that Meek Mill had no idea he’d made bail until he found out just like everyone else did: on national television. Sitting in state prison, still locked away in his cell, Meek was rightfully skeptic when he first heard the news, but not too long after he was taking a helicopter to a 76er’s game, courtesy of his good friend, Michael Rubin, who was also the one posting bail for Mill.

Now that Meek Mill has posted bail, his defense attorneys are calling for a new trial while the judge is firing back that her decision to put him in prison was the correct one. With both sides at war, adamant they have the correct side, things could get very messy, very fast. This leads the world to wonder: what’s going to happen next?

Back To The Courtroom

While he might have felt like a million bucks and was the center of everyone’s attention as he stepped off the helicopter at the big game, that feeling isn’t going to last long. Even in his own words, it’s time for him to get to work if he wants to have his criminal conviction thrown out of court so his record can be washed clean.

Rapper Meek Mill had been sentenced to a two to four-year sentence for a probation violation. When he was released from prison on probation, he had served five months of that time. Now that he’s out, he is dedicated to fighting his 2007 conviction, and the DA is on his side, supporting a new trial. Next month a hearing is set to be held by the same controversial judge who ordered him to jail in the first place.

New Case, Old Judge

That judge is Judge Genece Brinkley, who has been publicly criticized by various parties for sending Meek Mill to jail. A representative speaking on her behalf stated that if Mill has a good case, the judge will allow a new trial – Judge Brinkley claims to be fair, with no agenda against the rapper.

She also is not going to step away from the case, either. Stating truth and loyalty to the legal system she is sworn to uphold, Brinkley also stated that if considerable evidence is presented in that direction, she’ll dismiss the case.

Meanwhile, Meek Mill is going to be under restriction while he’s out on bail. This could change based on his June hearing. Everyone is eager to hear how this story unfolds, but for now most are simply happy that Mill is finally out of jail.

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